How to test my website performance from different locations globally?

Use the network latency map to visualize performance from over 200 locations worldwide

PerfOps has a Latency Benchmark feature that allows to run real-time tests from 200 available locations around the world. You can use this tool to compare CDN providers and their performance in different regions. As well as debug your own routing logic and geo-load-balancing.

To access Latency Benchmark - select it from Tools menu:


Then, type in the target, select number of tests and, for example, the 'world' location if you want to test target's latency worldwide. Important: each test consumes 1 API credit point, 10 tests will consume 10 API credits, so use it wisely:


Press 'Run test' button and get the results:


The results are shown on map and also seen below, those show nodes (our servers) information, country and the result for each test:


If you want to test your target latency for particular continent or country (for example, the USA) - select the desired location instead of 'World':


And you will get your test results from our nodes located at that country (continent):



You can also switch between HTTP and ICMP protocols and turn the map on/off: