Where can I see my account statistics?

Account limits widget. How many FlexBalancers, Monitors, Alerts can I create?

Some of your available/remaining features can be seen at PerfOps Panel widget:


  • 'Queries' shows statistics for Monthly FlexBalancers Requests (the sum of requests for ALL your FlexBalancers - used/provided according to your plan);
  • 'FlexBalancer' shows your Flex Apps number - used/provided according to your plan;
  • 'Uptime Monitors' does the same for Monitors;
  • 'API credits' shows you all remaining test credits (the sum of your Plan and Additional credits) - that are consumed when you use Latency Benchmark or Network Utilities or "/run" endpoints of the PerfOps API;

And Alerts page has an information regarding remaining alerts:


If you need additional Queries/Alerts/FlexBalancer Apps/Monitors/API credits - feel free to contact us and discuss switching to a Custom plan or the purchase of additional features.